It’s Always Sunny/ Star Wars

On episode 299 of Scriptnotes it was a special live show where they had special guests Rob McElhenny, the creator of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ and Rian Johnson, the writer and director for the upcoming ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. The conversation from both of them was entertaining as well as inspirational for up… Continue reading It’s Always Sunny/ Star Wars

Get Out & Netflix Make Their Own Rules

‘Award’s Race Disruption: Why ‘Get Out’ and Netflix Can Afford to Rewrite the Rules‘ written by Anne Thompson for Indiewire explains how Netflix and Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ play by their own rules when it comes to award season. This year’s huge success ‘Get Out’ is starting to enter the conversation when it comes to… Continue reading Get Out & Netflix Make Their Own Rules

Moving Characters

On episode 298 of Scriptnotes Craig Mazen brings up the topic of character movement when written in a screenplay. He and John August bring up many fascinating and interesting ideas and input on the subject. Craig opens the discussion with talking about the importance of character movement when it comes to blocking but also to… Continue reading Moving Characters

The First Three Pages

On episode 295 of Scriptnotes Craig and special guest producer and screenwriter Malcolm Spellman discuss many topics, one of which is the rule that the first three pages of a script must grab the producer. It is commonly said when having your script pitched and passed to a producer that it must “grab” them on… Continue reading The First Three Pages


Episode 252 of Empire Podcast this week featured Sir Patrick Stewart. He joins them to promote and discuss his final performance as Charles Xavier in the final Wolverine film Logan. Stewart discusses his excitement to act as Xavier in this film because it is a different portrayal of the character that no one has ever seen… Continue reading PatStew!