Buzzfeed To Develop Original Documentaries

‘BuzzFeed Hires Cinetic Exec for Original Documentary Push‘ written by Graham Winfrey for Indiewire, he goes into detail about how the popular website BuzzFeed is developing documentary features and series based on the company’s original reporting. Line Troubh, head of Kinetic Media has recently been hired by BuzzFeed Motion Pictures to newly developed position of… Continue reading Buzzfeed To Develop Original Documentaries

The Return of the ’90s Film Boom? Yes, If Amazon Has Anything to Say About It

In the Indiewire article ‘How Amazon and Ted Hope Are Trying to Bring Back the ’90s Indie Film Boom‘ writer Chris O’Falt discusses Amazon’s recent business deals and plans for the company to become the new home of art house films. On May 2, Amazon studios announced that it signed an exclusive first-look deal with Bona… Continue reading The Return of the ’90s Film Boom? Yes, If Amazon Has Anything to Say About It

Twenty Year Old Writes, Directs, and Stars In Her Debut Film ‘Blame’

In the article from ‘How A 20 Year Old Filmaker Wrote, Directed and Starred In Her Feature Directorial Debut — Tribeca 2017’ from Indiewire, Kate Erbland writes about Quinn Shephard and what she did to get her film made and into Tribeca. At the age of fifteen, Quinn Shephard came up with the idea for her… Continue reading Twenty Year Old Writes, Directs, and Stars In Her Debut Film ‘Blame’

Diversity and Ignorance

Indiewire’s April 10, 2017 article ‘Why Diversity In The Entertainment Business Will Save Us From Stupid, Offensive Mistakes‘ by Chris O’Falt writes about how the more diverse the entertainment gets, the more progressive it will be in not making mistakes on offending and exploiting certain groups of people. He describes several recent situations where the… Continue reading Diversity and Ignorance

Blumhouse On TV

In the Indiewire article Blumhouse Gets Into Indie TV, Set’s ‘Purge’ Series and Roger Alies Limited Series As First Projects by Jude Dry, they discuss the announcement of Blumhouse Productions soon to launch their own television studio. Blumhouse Productions are very success for their low budget films such as “Paranormal Activity”, “The Purge”,  “Insidious” franchises, also with this… Continue reading Blumhouse On TV

Make American Horror Story Great Again

Interesting news from Juan Diaz’s article from Indiewire: Sarah Paulson nominates herself to play Donald Trump in New Season of ‘American Horror Story’ The show runner Ryan Murphy announced that the next season of the beloved show would be inspired by the recent presidential election, saying that it felt appropriate they would center around politicians… Continue reading Make American Horror Story Great Again