Get Out & Netflix Make Their Own Rules

‘Award’s Race Disruption: Why ‘Get Out’ and Netflix Can Afford to Rewrite the Rules‘ written by Anne Thompson for Indiewire explains how Netflix and Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ play by their own rules when it comes to award season. This year’s huge success ‘Get Out’ is starting to enter the conversation when it comes to… Continue reading Get Out & Netflix Make Their Own Rules

Getting into ‘Get Out’

Right before the film “Get Out” hits theaters this Friday, Indiewire releases the article Jordan Peele’s Second Act: How the ‘Key & Peele’ Comedy Star Became a Bonafide Horror Director With ‘Get Out’ where Eric Kohn writes about how Jordan Peele entered the world of directing a horror film as his debut. Originally Peele just wrote… Continue reading Getting into ‘Get Out’