The Return of the ’90s Film Boom? Yes, If Amazon Has Anything to Say About It

In the Indiewire article ‘How Amazon and Ted Hope Are Trying to Bring Back the ’90s Indie Film Boom‘ writer Chris O’Falt discusses Amazon’s recent business deals and plans for the company to become the new home of art house films. On May 2,¬†Amazon studios announced that it signed an exclusive first-look deal with Bona… Continue reading The Return of the ’90s Film Boom? Yes, If Amazon Has Anything to Say About It

Moving Characters

On episode 298 of Scriptnotes Craig Mazen brings up the topic of character movement when written in a screenplay. He and John August bring up many fascinating and interesting ideas and input on the subject. Craig opens the discussion with talking about the importance of character movement when it comes to blocking but also to… Continue reading Moving Characters

Ridley Scott Launches VR Division

Director Ridley Scott, known for various classic films like Alien and Blade Runner has launched a new virtual reality division through his production company RSA Film according to The Hollywood Reporter Article ‘Ridley Scott’s RSA Film Launches Virtual Reality Division’ by Gregg Kilday published on April 17, 2017. The division is dedicated to the development… Continue reading Ridley Scott Launches VR Division

The First Three Pages

On episode 295 of Scriptnotes Craig and special guest producer and screenwriter Malcolm Spellman discuss many topics, one of which is the rule that the first three pages of a script must grab the producer. It is commonly said when having your script pitched and passed to a producer that it must “grab” them on… Continue reading The First Three Pages

Diversity and Ignorance

Indiewire’s April 10, 2017 article ‘Why Diversity In The Entertainment Business Will Save Us From Stupid, Offensive Mistakes‘ by Chris O’Falt writes about how the more diverse the entertainment gets, the more progressive it will be in not making mistakes on offending and exploiting certain groups of people. He describes several recent situations where the… Continue reading Diversity and Ignorance