Get Out & Netflix Make Their Own Rules

Award’s Race Disruption: Why ‘Get Out’ and Netflix Can Afford to Rewrite the Rules‘ written by Anne Thompson for Indiewire explains how Netflix and Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ play by their own rules when it comes to award season.

This year’s huge success ‘Get Out’ is starting to enter the conversation when it comes to award season, with mentions of it to be an oscar contender. Universal is pushing for the film to do so. It is critically acclaimed, holding a 99% on Rotton tomatoes and now stands as Blumhouse pictures highest grossing movie making $174 Million to date. Although the Academy is know to turn their nose to horror or genre films in general, they think with the films smart writing of commentary on race issues as well as genre blending that it will have a better chance of not being overlooked. Jordan Peele himself says having his film being in the awards race is surreal but the craziest part (making the film) has already happened. He has just recently signed a seven picture deal with universal to write and direct original films, where he has already mentioned having ideas that all have other social commentary.

Netflix is trying to attract Emmy voters as it host an Event where it lavish sets from their series from Stranger Things, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and House of Cards. Netflix at this point has so many quality program getting nominated that “luring Emmy voters to focus on a single show is half the battle.”

I really hope to see Get Out have success in the awards race. It is defiantly that stand out hit of the year and although I love the film I’m still surprised by the phenomion that it has become. It is a rare horror film amongst its contemporaries right now and I think it could in fact be that rare film that breaks through the barrier of being a genre film that is also considered “art” or “cinema” during awards season.


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