Buzzfeed To Develop Original Documentaries

BuzzFeed Hires Cinetic Exec for Original Documentary Push‘ written by Graham Winfrey for Indiewire, he goes into detail about how the popular website BuzzFeed is developing documentary features and series based on the company’s original reporting.

Line Troubh, head of Kinetic Media has recently been hired by BuzzFeed Motion Pictures to newly developed position of Senior Manager of News Development. She will be be responsible working with Buzzed news editors to help create the original content they strive to produce. The decision to expand on making original documentaries stems from the company developing a crime docuseries with NBCUnviveral from a story reported on BuzzFeed news. They chose to make that as a series due to similar unsolved crime stories like Making A Murderer from Netflix and The Jinx from HBO were so popular on the internet. The company is also in the works f even making a original film based around a an editor of the company.

To me, one who usually avoids BuzzFeed videos finds it interesting to see the company become a platform that is producing content that is a series or feature films. They seem to thrive off of the market of quick accessible and consumable media and thats what makes them work so well. It will be interesting how people will respond to the site producing content that will need to be digested with a bigger attention span than they’ve conditioned their followers with.


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