The Return of the ’90s Film Boom? Yes, If Amazon Has Anything to Say About It

In the Indiewire article ‘How Amazon and Ted Hope Are Trying to Bring Back the ’90s Indie Film Boom‘ writer Chris O’Falt discusses Amazon’s recent business deals and plans for the company to become the new home of art house films.

On May 2, Amazon studios announced that it signed an exclusive first-look deal with Bona Fide Productions, Grisbi Productions, and Killer Productions. All these productions companies have produced critically acclaimed indie films. This shows that Amazon is really pushing to finance high quality independent films as well as try to reunite many film makers who were the creative force behind the 90s indie film boom. Ted Hope of Amazon studios have recently also worked hard to help revered film makers like Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, Terry Gilliam, and Whit Stillman with making original films under their studio. Using this strategy of catering to the indie and art house films they can be the anti Netflix in a way, where they feel like their indie films gets buried, Amazon is trying to bring in an audience who want to watch these quality type of films. Amazon also wants to be the studio that can finance and produce award winning films. This past Academy Award’s they had much success with their studio produced film Manchester By The Sea, which is now able to stream free with a prime membership. This is very exciting news to hear that amazon is striving very heard to find a place for indie and arthouse films to have a place to stream. This will be very convenient for those who live in small towns and cities who may not have a chance to see the award winning smaller films when they have limited runs in theaters.



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