Twenty Year Old Writes, Directs, and Stars In Her Debut Film ‘Blame’

In the article from ‘How A 20 Year Old Filmaker Wrote, Directed and Starred In Her Feature Directorial Debut — Tribeca 2017’ from Indiewire, Kate Erbland writes about Quinn Shephard and what she did to get her film made and into Tribeca.

At the age of fifteen, Quinn Shephard came up with the idea for her film Blame, a modern high school take on the play ‘The Crucible’ by Author Miller. She didn’t go to film school and now at 22 she has accomplished many accolades many years older strive to reach. She began writing the script in high school after being inspired to making a modern take on the Salem Witch Trials, where she would take one of her characters, the same one she stars as in Blame and develop it further. in 2014 she got a spot as a finalist for Sundances’s Screenwriter’s Lab. She was only 17 and this helped with people replying to her email and paying attention to her resume. She said during production she had a lot to learn on the fly and in a way was film school for her. She said she obsessivlely studied everything about film on a technical level and her biggest fear was not to seem like she didn’t know what she was doing. But she said with some self confidence and finding the right people to work with, who gave her emmense respect she powered through. Her film Blame now premiered at Tribeca and is now seeking U.S. distribution.

This is just so cool how determined and passionate about getting this film made and even though it took her years to make it she was extremely young and talented to not only write a script for a feature, but direct and act as well. She plans to continue directing and I hope she keeps it going and see Blame, as well as what she does next.


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