Diversity and Ignorance

Indiewire’s April 10, 2017 article ‘Why Diversity In The Entertainment Business Will Save Us From Stupid, Offensive Mistakes‘ by Chris O’Falt writes about how the more diverse the entertainment gets, the more progressive it will be in not making mistakes on offending and exploiting certain groups of people.

He describes several recent situations where the entertainment industry has made short-sighted mistakes when it comes with portraying diverse groups of people. First being the recent controversial Pepsi commercial that attempt to commercializing protest and in turn it’s tone deaf message exploited many different groups of people in the process. He also talks about how SNL’s skit of the commercial expertly points out the many problems wrong with what went wrong with the commercial and that is also due to their diverse writing team. However he points out how SNL themselves may also lack diversity when it comes to political preferences. He describes how their cold open where Alec Baldwin portrays President Trump at his recent rally in Kentucky and awkwardly trying to make fun of small town republicans but falling short with typical stereotypes of small minded country folk. He uses Louis CK as an example of knowing what lines to cross and which ones not to when making commentary on America’s ignorance by saying he knows how to put himself in the situation of being ignorant and backtracking to reflecting on his own ignorance. He mentions how he also tests his routine amongst several different groups of people to know what works and what doesn’t.

In summary, he describes how have more diverse point of views during the creative process will ultimately help minimize these slip ups of portraying one another and having more diversity in our storytelling will push the boundaries of understanding each other.


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