Blumhouse On TV

In the Indiewire article Blumhouse Gets Into Indie TV, Set’s ‘Purge’ Series and Roger Alies Limited Series As First Projects by Jude Dry, they discuss the announcement of Blumhouse Productions soon to launch their own television studio.

Blumhouse Productions are very success for their low budget films such as “Paranormal Activity”, “The Purge”,  “Insidious” franchises, also with this years successes “Split” and “Get Out”. Their independent television studio has launched with ITV and will be focused on only producing independent programming with dark genre programming. One of their first productions if to produce ‘The Purge’ into a series. The other is a limited documentary series about Former FOX CEO Roger Ailes called “Secure and Hold” about his sexual harassment scandal.

This is a smart move for Blumhouse who is an expert to producing low budget content that are huge successes. As he continues to make more franchise it will be interesting to see if they will find a place on television. Blumhouse has already produced content for television before but creating a studio for smaller projects for television seems like the next smart move to make.


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