Make American Horror Story Great Again

Interesting news from Juan Diaz’s article from Indiewire: Sarah Paulson nominates herself to play Donald Trump in New Season of ‘American Horror Story’

The show runner Ryan Murphy announced that the next season of the beloved show would be inspired by the recent presidential election, saying that it felt appropriate they would center around politicians who brought actual fear into peoples lives. What is interesting is actress Sarah Paulson, who plays in every season, said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that she would like to play the role of Donald Trump herself. She explains how it wouldn’t be entirely out of the question, using Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Sean Spicer on SNL as a unique casting. She explains how Murphy does like to stray away from being ordinary.

Ryan Murphy said that the show will have appearances by both Trump and Clinton but they won’t actually be the primary focus of the show. It will be interesting which role Paulson will actually play. Seeing her as Donald Trump would definitely one of the more unique iterations of our unusual Presidents. The new season will debut this fall on FX.


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