Dave Chappelle watches Key & Peele do his show

Dave Chappelle, the unstoppable comedian of the early 2000’s has returned back in the spotlight after 10 years, and his recent hosting of “SNL” now on Netflix with two comedy specials. He has also recently starred on “CBS This Morning” discussing many topics. One of them is discussing how Key & Peele did the the format he created. In Indiewire’s article ‘Dave Chappelle Wants Credit For ‘Key & Peele’:”They’re Doing A Format That I Created” they go further in depth of what Chappelle said.

In the article Chappelle he discusses how he had to fight for certain things he wanted to do on the show that the network resisted at the time. Such as the time limit on certain sketches. He says that when he watches Key & Peele & the credits say it’s created by them, for a format he worked so hard to create, it hurts his feelings. 

In one of the comedy specials on Netflix he makes a joke of “watching Key & Peele do my show for five fucking years” dispite how you feel about his comments towards them or your opinion on which show was better, his comedy specials are still quite funny and his return feels as if he never left. 



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