Writers Strike Again

In the article from IndieWire article “Will Writers Strike Again? Here’s What’s At Stake As WGA Negotiations Loom” Andrew Lapin discusses how on March 13, the WGA or Writers Guild of American began negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers for a new contract fro three years. He says that the union is ready to go on strike if demands aren’t met.

The last time the WGA went on strike was back in 2007-08, nearly a decade ago. The strike then did major damage to that television season. The strike lasted for 100 days then and they say they are prepared to do it again now if they do not get what they want. But would their impact of going on strike this time be more devastating today as how television viewing has dramatically changed since a decade ago? With television shows DVD sales are declining, seasons are drastically shorter, less movies are being made and a host of other changes, its up for question if a strike would make a similar difference.

In the article it is described that the way people consume media, now not always being in order because of streaming, or having others not minding to wait for their favorite show to come back on paints the picture that WGA hopes of the strike making a difference is slim. I think that undermines the importance of the writers in the WGA. Sure things have changed it the way we consume media but we still heavily consume our media based on if its enjoyable and the writers work hard to do that and it doesn’t matter if we watch it brand new or binge to the last season in a weekend we will notice a difference when we see it. So I think that a strike will have a similar effect happen, maybe not exactly the same or worse but viewers will notice a difference like they did last time.



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