Episode 252 of Empire Podcast this week featured Sir Patrick Stewart. He joins them to promote and discuss his final performance as Charles Xavier in the final Wolverine film Logan.

Stewart discusses his excitement to act as Xavier in this film because it is a different portrayal of the character that no one has ever seen and one that he could of never expected to play himself. The character of Charles before was always calm, intellectual, and sophisticated but now we see a much more human and vulnerable weakened Charles who is crippling mentally and is also potentially dangerous because of it. The film’s take on the character brings the film down to a much more human film that is deeper with themes of family and makes the film a much more of an emotional ride for the typical superhero blockbuster. He talks about not really having the feeling of saying farewell to playing the character hit him until a premier of the film which was his second viewing, we towards the end of the film Hugh Jackman (sitting beside him) grabbed his hand and they quietly sobbed to each other. He joked about him and Jackman being two superheroes crying amongst the crowd of people.

He also talked about the themes of the film also aligning with the events of things going on today and how eerie similar they are how its important that this film explores them and end on a positive note where things seem all so negative. He describes how much of the film is about Logan helping a kid cross a border to safety and safety being Canada, where today many people are trying to cross borders to safety and the place that is unsafe is America. The film makes a bold statement whether intentional of not and it’s just another layer to the film that makes it so great. The full interview with Sir Patrick Stewart is very enjoyable and we will all miss him dearly as Professor X.




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