Sending off Drafts

On episode 289 of Scriptnotes, John and Craig briefly discuss what they do when they prepare to send of early drafts for feedback. John says that he likes to print out his script because it’s easier for him to catch his mistakes. He also carefully makes sure that he accomplishes what he was striving to do with each scene, as well as making sure the character(s) stay consistent and don’t feel as if they have changed in tone of behavior. Craig goes about his process very similarly, making sure the script doesn’t get boring, or see if you may over use certain words, etc. John pointed out a thing to do to see if you actually need a scene if by removing a certain page, he used page 17, and see if without it does your story still flow and if it does ask yourself is it really needed?

A lot of this may be common knowledge to those who consistently write screenplays, but being new to writing them, especially writing my first feature length story right now and adapting to listening to a lot of constructive criticism, I find these tips very insightful and useful. Craig finishes over the question with the noteworthy advise of: never expect first drafts to be perfect or final and to adjust to your own expectations.


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