Getting into ‘Get Out’

Right before the film “Get Out” hits theaters this Friday, Indiewire releases the article Jordan Peele’s Second Act: How the ‘Key & Peele’ Comedy Star Became a Bonafide Horror Director With ‘Get Out’ where Eric Kohn writes about how Jordan Peele entered the world of directing a horror film as his debut.

Originally Peele just wrote the screenplay and pitched it as a film that no one would want to make; a horror film with racial commentary. Peele later realized that he was the only one who could direct this so he took it upon himself to direct it. Speaking to his comedy central show Key & Peele co-star Keegan Micheal Key he says that Peele was made to direct this film. He describes onset how meticulous he is with the creative process and sees that he was ready to do this before Peele himself even knew. They also discuss how Peele is also a huge horror buff so this is just an honor for him to debut in a genre he loves.

The film is already getting very positive reviews and regardless of how it will be received by the general public, Get Out seems like it will definitely start discussion and give viewers a new idea regarding race in our social climate today. I’m looking very forward to seeing this film and I hope this will be a hit for Jordan Peele to continue writing and directing.




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