The Alternative Fact-er

On episode 288 of Scriptnotes, John and Craig discuss and examine the interesting and even ingenuous method behind the infamous Counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway. This has been in the news a majorly of his campaign last year as his manager and continues to be in the news this year; making the term “Alternative Facts” as well as completely making up the Bowling Green massacre. She is notorious from her blatant lies and cryptic ways she evades questions and John and Craig use her as a example of how to write good dialogue.

They discuss how she listens in on the interviewer, taking what they said and switching the context to answer a question but not really the question that they asked. They also talk about her body language gives, where she acts impatience and how that seems to take the power away from the one asking questions and maker it seem like they are wasting her time. They breakdown a moment that would be useful in a screenwriting, where she carefully uses the words “you know full well-” and that meaning, I’ll tolerate your unfairness, not your dishonesty. She does this in the context to make the person out to be a liar and misleading viewers to think so, just for her to reply with her own lie. This can be an effective tool to use in a screenplay when a character is winning the scene.


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