Go Micro!

In a recent Filmmaker Magazine article, Why Make A Micro Budget Film? Scott Macaulay  interviewthe micro budget director Paul Harrill on why micro-budgeting is the way to go, along with the pros and cons of doing so.

Harrill finishes the article off by saying go with you guy might be the best option when dealing with the ins and outs of micro-budgeting, just like the rest of the business in Hollywood. There is a lot of perspective and options to go about producing your film and getting it out there with no clear and definite answer. Harrill insist on several noteworthy things one should do when they go about making their dream.

First when raising money there is several ways to do it and it’s most likely going to be money coming from more that one place. You can get this from grants, crowd funding, friends and family, or even an investor who would expect the money back. Harrill insist on that rather than rushing to make your film and pinch money along the away, it’s better to play the long game and wait for exactly all the money you need to make the film so you can get the film you want made efficiently and investors are satisfied.

The business of micro-budgeting is high risk with the potential of higher reward. He’s not telling aspiring film makers to invest all their money into a low budget film and quit their day jobs but he said with the right reviewers, word of mouth at a festival and networking, you can be successful and making micro-budgeting a beneficial career that is full time.


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