Wait! False Alarm: Hollywood is Here to Stay

In Scriptnotes episode 287 Craig and John discuss the article I previously posted (here) about the death of Hollywood. The go more in depth about how this article is, in their words “click baity” and how for years this topic comes up with no significant signs to the demise of Hollywood.

There are many interesting topics they touch on. First being that there is a lack of understanding the writer of the article had with no attempt of trying to understand it. In the beginning of the article he portrays a picture of a film set being over bloated as if too many people are working but not needed, without realizing a majority of film sets are like that. Second they discuss how he paints this picture of Silicon Valley taking business away from Hollywood but in fact they give a great deal of business to Hollywood by hiring the same cast and crews for their productions. The last great point that they make is explaining Hollywood is more than the business of going to the theater, they are in the business of creating creative properties. So sure, the landscape is shifting from more people wanting to watch movie and shows at home but Hollywood isn’t necessarily losing money from this new model. They also point out that the model of going out to the theater has been relatively the same for the past 100 years and its only getting better and people still strive to go out to these social events. Craig and John calmly dismiss the false alarm that is another cry of Hollywood’s demise.


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