Hollywood & Trump’s Immigration Ban

As the rest of the world responds to Trump’s recent Executive Order of banning muslim immigrants and visitors to the United States, Hollywood takes a hit as well and won’t stay silent. In the recent article for the Hollywood Reporter: Trump’s Immigration Ban Wreaks Havoc in Hollywood: Foreign Stars and Casting Impactedit discusses the many factors that Hollywood is affected by this ban.

First, many immigrants and visitors come around this time of year for the TV industry during pilot season, where hundreds of muslims come here for casting and other meetings. These visitors are here usually on temporary visas but with expected delays, many production companies are putting into play whether or not they green light a pilot or pick up a series due to how this ban plays out.

The ban is also affecting immigrants and visitors during award time too. Director Olando von Einsidel and producer Joanna Natasegara can not attend the academy awards due to the ban, where they have a Oscar nominated short documentary. Oscar nominated director Asghar Farhadi and his star of his film (The Salesman) Taraneh Alidoosti announced they will be boycotting the Academy Awards. Many other film and television directors and producers spoke out against the ban, and some attended the thousand people protest in LAX on Jan. 28. Many other actors and winners of the Sag Awards have also spoke their minds on the ban. It also has many foreigners who are planning to promote their films internationally to skip out on attempting to come here to the United States.

Although many bigger executives have remained silents, companies like Amazon and Netflix have spoken their outrage on the ban. In the midst of this dangerous and even scary executive order, it is good to see that those who have the bigger platform to the speak out and continue to speak out and share their feelings and pain of these recent events. Hollywood and the people in it are taking a devastating blow not only to the representation of a whole culture of people and presenting their stories to us but also the loss of jobs and money on productions.


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